make a statement
not just a video

We help you create videos
that make an impact

be seen

be heard

make an impact

Money doesn't grow on trees

Don't waste it on ineffective videos
Your message deserves better

talk to us

be the voice your audience listens to

stop wasting time

Too many videos look great but don't say anything at all. They just end up wasting your time and money.

speak to your audience

Don't take a shotgun approach to marketing. Hit the hearts of your audience.

create videos you can
be proud of

Stop second-guessing before you
press "share".

standard video

From $1,500

video series
(5-12 videos)

From $9,500 - $15,000

custom package

Video packages to suit anything from a professional commercial to a feature-length documentary

our process

refine your message

We will work with you to refine your core message and help you communicate clearly and effectively with your audience.

Create your videos

Lights, cameras, action!
Okay, so no one really says that anymore
but we will create your awesome videos.

make an impact

Set your video loose on the world!
Make an impact, achieve your goals.

be heard in a noisy world

You know that you have a solid product. You know that you offer the best service in town. You know that your message will change people’s lives for the better. But almost nobody knows or cares.

With so many videos being made an hour it’s hard to feel like you can be heard. All that matters is that your audience hears what you have to say.

We understand that your video is just one part of a larger marketing strategy and that whole strategy must be woven together to make a complete package. So we work with you to craft the message that will make the statement you want your audience to hear.

Make a statement not just a video

make a statement
not just a video